California Gymkhana Association District 17

12 May 2007

Congrats to Ariane and Dinero for making their 2nd Hall of Fame at Mavericks

Hall of Fame

Congrats to Monica and Double Shot for their continued improvement in the CGA Pony Class. They now hold 3 arena records for pony!

Pony Records

Welcome back Dakota, you did great


New arena records broken. See arena records

Attendance Horse

  • 97 Riders

Move Ups

  • Kayla Albright/Magic 1A to 2A
  • Brenda Aldama/Missy  FC to 1A
  • Joanne Houston/Sara FC to 1A
  • Mark Layton/Major  2A to 3A
  • Margie Mathews/Cat 1A to 2A
  • Danielle Olsen/Salley 1A to 2A

Move ups run in new division but bring points down to old one

Supreme Rides

Karlie Boles/Journey (PONY)

  • Barrels  18.327
  • Birangle 13.812
  • Keyhole 7.381
  • Poles2 20.863

Makayla Foster/Aftershock

  • Birangle 13.146
  • Poles 1 9.201
  • SpeedBall 7.070

Ariane Kuhnert/Dinero

  • Barrels 18.024
  • Fig. 8 Stake 10.659
  • Big T 14.204

Tegan Mooreman/Brooklyn (PONY)

  • Fig. 8 Stake 11.022

High Point

  • 3A+ Ariane Kuhnert/Dinero  26 points
  • 3A Jamie Snyder/Dakota  38 points
  • 2A Y Marley Howitt/Mr. Gunfire  24 points
  • 2A A  Pam Shaw/Just in Time  21 points
  • 1A Youth Danielle Olsen/Sally 21 points
  • 1A Adult Diana Wehrli/Okie  29 points
  • FC Youth Sierra Southerland/ Ginger 27 points
  • FC Adult Charleen Haveron/Merry 21 points

Current Arena Records

New arena records broken. See Arena Records

All about Pink Sheets!

Blue Ribbon
  • Pink sheets will be provided at the end of the show.
  • Pink Sheets will be emailedAFTER the show is over IF you request them.
  • Please email requests to info at modjeskamavericks.org
  • Requests should include YOUR name and the horse's name.
  • You may ONLY request a Pink Sheet for yourself!
  • You may NOT request a Pink Sheet for other people!

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