California Gymkhana Association District 17

9 September 2006


  • Riders 91

Move Ups keyhole

  • Kaitlynn Didonato/Jack 1A to 2A
  • Christina Knueven/Missy FC to 1A
  • Monica Michaels/Doubleshot fc to 1A
  • Blake Williams/ KC FC to 1A
  • Natalie Wood/Muneca FC to 1A

Supreme Rides

Ariane Kuhnert/Dinero

  • Fig. 8 Flags 10.964
  • SpeedBall 6.987
  • Speed Barrels 9.478
  • Single Stake 9.104

High Point Horse

  • 3A+ Ariane Kuhnert/Dinero 30 points
  • 3A christee hoover/reba 27 points
  • 2A Catherine Blevins/Lena Impress 20 points
  • 2A Adult Jodi Lynn Smith 27 points
  • 1A Danielle Olsen/Sally 34 points
  • 1A Adult Kristie Johnson/RJ 26 points
  • FC Julia Bourassa/Janie 26 points
  • FC Adult Margie Mathews/Cat 24 points

Current Arena Records

No new arena records from this show.

All about Pink Sheets!

Blue Ribbon
  • Pink sheets will be provided at the end of the show.
  • Pink Sheets will be emailedAFTER the show is over IF you request them.
  • Please email requests to info at modjeskamavericks.org
  • Requests should include YOUR name and the horse's name.
  • You may ONLY request a Pink Sheet for yourself!
  • You may NOT request a Pink Sheet for other people!

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