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Gymkhana is timed obstacle racing on horseback. There are 13 events. Some favor speed, some favor skill. Gymkhana is an exciting, family oriented equestrian sport that riders of all ages and skill levels may enjoy.


The Modjeska Mavericks in association with The California Gymkhana Association sponsor monthly shows. Riders may earn a variety of awards while participating at all skill levels.



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Things You Will Want To Know

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All rules dictated by The California Gymkhana Association will be strictly adhered to and enforced. It is your responsibility as a member of the California Gymkhana Association to obtain a copy of these rules from the CGA website (www.calgymkhana.com) or by requesting a copy directly from the CGA office. Riders are responsible for knowing these rules.

The following rules apply to the Modjeska Mavericks and are subject to change if so decided by the current Board of Directors.


  1. Both single and family memberships are offered. Current rates will be posted on the application.
  2. Norco Residents – Will join as a Mavericks Member.
    Non-Norco Residents – will join as an Associate Member.
  3. Points toward Mavericks year end awards are only retroactive for one show.
  4. Membership is valid for the current show season only (September thru July).

Year End Awards

  1. In order to qualify for any year end awards a rider must:
    1. Be a member in good standing and have no debt to the club or CGA.
    2. Ride all six (6) events in seven (7) full shows of our eleven (11) show season.
    3. Ride 1 of the last 3 shows of the season.
    4. Work ½ an event at each show that you attend.
  2. Leadliners may qualify for year end awards if they meet all the above criteria.

Perfect Attendance

To achieve perfect attendance you must ride every event at every show during a season. There are no exceptions to this rule.


Points & Placing

  1. Points for events will be awarded as follows:
    1. First place 7 points
    2. Second place 5 points
    3. Third place 4 point
    4. Fourth place 3 points
    5. Fifth place 2 points
    6. Any ”good” ride below fifth place will receive 1 point, regardless of time
  2. Daily High Point will be awarded at the end of each show.
  3. You can only receive daily highpoint in the division that you rode in that day
  4. If a rider places in a higher bracket, their points will be accrued in the bracket in which they signed up for the day.
  5. A rider will be placed and receive points according to the time they ran. If a rider places in a higher division they will receive the points according to their placing in the higher division.
  6. No rider can place in a lower bracket than they are registered in.
  7. Leadliners do not place but will be awarded as follows:
    1. Complete 3 events and receive a ribbon.
    2. Complete 4 or more events and choose either a ribbon or trophy.
  8. The last show of the season will be a points only fund-raiser show with no awards announced or dispersed.

Move – Ups

  1. A rider will move up to a higher bracket in the following ways:
    1. After completing 4 rides in a higher bracket in one show day.
    2. Riding 3 events in a higher division in 3 consecutive shows, the rider will be given the option (to move up).
  2. Riders can move down in divisions during a season but will only be given “Ride Credits” for shows they have competed in. NO POINTS WILL TRANSFER DOWN.
  3. Any rider who moves up in the last 3 shows of the season will ride and place in the new division but will still accrue points in their previous bracket for the duration of the season. The horse and rider will start accumulating points in the higher bracket the following season.
  4. Move ups will be done after the end of the show day. These results will be posted on the Mavericks web site (modjeskamavericks.org).
  5. When a rider is moved up a division they will be placed in accordance to the amount of points they have. A rider may not move up any higher than 1 point behind 2nd place, this may result in a loss of points.


  1. The Mavericks Board will decide each season as to any Youth and Adult division splits based on rider membership. The Modjeska Mavericks Board will make this decision with in the first 3 shows of the season.
  2. Divisions may be combined for day awards at any show due to lack of riders.
  3. Riders with birthdays during the show season that will change their age division(from Youth to Adult) will be given the option at the first show to choose either Youth or Adult, BUT must remain in that division the entire season.

Horse Substitutions

  1. A rider may use a substitute horse for accruing Mavericks points, ONLY if a Veterinarian’s note is provided stating that the horse is unable to compete. A horse’s pregnancy is not an excused medical condition.
  2. A substitute horse must ride in the same division as their primary mount and cannot move up or down divisions regardless of their times (i.e. AA rider must still accrue AA points).

Parents and Legal Guardians

A special notice regarding minors direct from the CGA State Office.


Remember parents and legal guardians... All CGA entry forms including district forms must be signed by a parent or legal guardian for all minors participating in CGA events. There are no exceptions to this rule! A permission slip from a parent or guardian is not acceptable. There must be a wet signature on all forms.


Ride in Order

Please ride in the order in which you are called to the arena. Riders who come into the arena out-of-order may cause many problems.

If you ride out-of-order, your time may be incorrectly entered. This will not only be a problem for you, but also a problem for the rider who was supposed to ride at that time.

If you are a worker and must ride out-of-order, ensure that the judge and the booth workers know who you are and know that you are riding out-of-order.

If you ride out-of-order and you are NOT a qualified worker you MAY be disqualified and loose your time!

Thank You all for your cooperation in this matter. It will help the shows to proceed smoothly and reduce problems with incorrect times being entered in the computer.


The One Minute Rule

  1. Once you are called into the arena, you will have one (1) minute to enter the arena and begin the course.
  2. Failure to do so may result in a disqualification and a No-Time for that ride.
  3. The CGA Rulebook 5.5e. Failure to Enter Arena: The horse and rider must enter the arena within one minute after being so notified by the judge.

Proper Attire for Riders

3.1 Clothing and Tack (from the CGA Rulebook)

  1. The high standards of Gymkhana will be reflected by the rider's full and proper dress as follows:
  2. CLOTHING: A Safety Helmet (hard hat) is required when riding any CGA event, unless the adult rider (18 or over) signs a waiver that indicates refusal to wear a safety helmet. An approved Safety Helmet is required for all riders under the age of 18. The helmet must be correctly worn at all times while mounted on the show grounds. Nothing that effects proper fit may be worn under the helmet. If a rider under 18 enters the arena without a helmet correctly worn they will be disqualified from the event. If a rider under 18 has more than one helmet violation on the same day, they will be disqualified from the show. Failure to do so will result in disqualification .If a helmet comes off while an adult rider is on course, a 1 second penalty will be assessed.
  3. Clothing shall be neat and clean, either Western or English riding attire, but not mixed, except where required for safety (i.e. hard hat). All contestants shall be fully attired in a dress shirt with a button or snap closure in the front from top to bottom, a collar, long or short sleeves (female contestants may wear sleeveless shirts), long pants, belt or half belts and boots. The sleeves on long-sleeved shirts must be rolled down and fastened at the cuff. Shirts must be tucked into the pants. Only the top two buttons of the shirt may be left unbuttoned as long as the buttons go to the collar line of the shirt. A tie or neckerchief is not required but their use is encouraged.
  4. A boot is defined as either a traditional Western, traditional English, or roper style boot that laces up that is minimum of 1 1/2" above the ankle. All other boots must be approved by the CGA Rules Committee. All boots must have at least a 1/2" heel and a smooth sole. Patterned soles are permitted if the pattern is 1/8" or less deep. "Waffle" soles are specifically prohibited.
  5. All articles of clothing shall be properly worn, however buckles may be worn at the side or back for comfort reasons. Chaps may be worn. A Western hat may also be worn but a means must be devised to keep it on while running the course.

5.3 Cruel or Inhumane Treatment of Horses

(From the CGA Rulebook)

  1. Spurring, striking or beating in any manner whatsoever forward of the cinch after entering the arena will result in immediate disqualification of the contestant. The contestant will likewise be disqualified if there is any indication of cruelty such as welts, cuts, bleeding or marks on the animal.
  2. Any subsequent violation may result in disqualification of the contestant from the show. Contestants shall be warned for the following:
  3. a. Excessive spurring or jerking of the reins.
  4. b. Unusual construction or arrangement of equipment considered by the judge to be inhumane or unsafe.
  5. c. Excessive use of bats or whips.
  6. d. Cruelty of any kind to the horse while on the show grounds whether or not specifically mentioned.
  7. Any subsequent violation may result in disqualification of the contestant from the show.

Acknowledge the Judge

  1. When you enter the arena, you must wait for the judge to signal that you may start your run.
  2. Failure to acknowledge the judge may result in a disqualification and a No–Time for that event.

Unruly Horses

5.5 Loss of Control (from the CGA Rulebook)

  1. Any one of the following will be considered loss of control and will result in disqualification:
  2. a. Failure to Show Control of Horse: The horse must be brought under control before beginning the course to show that the rider has complete control. The judge will signal approval for the run only if the rider shows control of the horse. The rider must wait for the judge’s approval prior to beginning the run.
  3. b. Failure to Begin Course: After entering the arena, the rider must begin the course within one minute after the judge gives the ready signal.
  4. c. Unruly Horse: The horse must not be unruly such that, in the opinion of the judge, the safety of the rider might be in jeopardy.
  5. d. Falling Off Horse While On Course
  6. e. Failure to Enter Arena: The horse and rider must enter the arena within one minute after being so notified by the judge.
  7. f. Beginning the Run From Outside the 80' Foul Line

How to Enter the Arena

5.4 Entering the Arena (from the CGA Rulebook)

  1. a. A rider may be assisted through the gate. However, the rider must ride their horse into the arena.
  2. b. A rider may not school his/her horse prior to running the course. Schooling is defined as going around an obstacle more than once in a close, tight turn. Such action will result in disqualification.

Lead Line Riders

2.3 Special "Lead Line" Rules for Riders who need assistance.

  1. The CGA is interested in providing an opportunity for riders who need assistance to participate in CGA Shows. For this reason, the following special rules shall be applied at CGA Shows that allow participation of these riders:
  2. a. A rider may be led through the course by a parent or responsible party provided the rider is not able to complete the course without assistance. Such assistance is allowed to ensure the safety of the rider but does not extend to the assistant touching the poles, flags or other obstacles. The Lead Line Team(horse, rider and leader) must properly complete the course. The assistant must conform to the same dress code defined for judges (See Section 6.1).
  3. b. Hard hats are mandatory for all Lead Line riders. The animal being led shall be in normal tack with the addition of a halter and lead rope.
  4. c. Lead Line riders may NOT participate in the Hurry Scurry event for safety reasons.
  5. d. A mount may NOT be entered in the same event more than once except as a Lead Line entry.
  6. e. Lead Line riders may proceed no faster than a trot or they will be disqualified.
  7. f. When leading the animal across the timing line, the assistant must be at or behind the shoulder of the animal to prevent any timer malfunctions.

***Exceptions to any of the above rules will only be granted with Board Approval***

Download the information here

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